«Kurahovo's Manufacturing plant» is a dynamically growing company. «KMZ» is a leader on production equipment and components for the mining, metallurgical and coking industries in East Ukraine. The company also produces spare parts for agricultural machinery and equipment for the construction industry. The factory successfully develops areas of artistic casting, artistic blacksmiths, wood processing

JSC «Kurahovo's manufacturing plant» has finished audit by BVQI representatives. Germany's specialists are certified quality control system due ISO 9001:2000 standard requirements. Certification was passed succesfully.
Quality management standard is ISO 9001:2000

Strategic guide of «KMZ» is a constant, purposeful improvement of the technological processes and high quality output production. The factory is designed, implemented and operates by a quality management system which meets the high requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000. At the moment the production of the factory is used by large industrial enterprises of Ukraine. The factory has a closed production cycle.

Range of manufactured factory’s production counts more than 2000 items of products for the needs of metallurgy, coke, mining and construction industries