Assortment of manufactured products counts more than 2000 items for needs of metallurgical, coking, mining and construction industries

About Company

KMZ has seven departments, in addition, the enterprise includes support units, transport department and electromechanical service. The factory’s departments fit up with modern equipment, which allows both standard products and provides services to individual.  

Forge-press department:

Main products:

  • Quick-detachable joints (from QJ 100 to QJ 250);
  • Ventilation pipes of various diameters; 
  • Elements of an anchor chain (grabs, strips, washers);
  • Stands for monolithic formwork for different purposes; 
  • Steel structures for various purposes. 

Equipment shop:

  • Hammers 100 to 2000 kg; 
  • Presses and hydraulic presses from 25 to 400 tons; 
  • A wide range of equipment for the separation of operations, plasma cutting, welding equipment, including semi-automatic CO2 welding, etc.

Turning department:

Main products:

  • Rollers for various purposes (including lined). 
  • Elements of the anchor chain (washers, nuts). In 2005, the plant began production of the screw anchor rod steel, complete with nut.
  • Processing of color and black molding.
  • Assembly work.

The company has developed an original design of the rollers, which can significantly reduce the cost of the product, reduce operating costs.

The shop has three sections:

  • Procuring equipped with band saw, abrasive cutting, milling and cutting machines. 
  • The area of CNC machines with semi-automatic type hydro copying 16K20, 1V340. 
  • The site has a universal single orders of machine tools, including boring machines, gear hobbing, turning, boring, and other branches and customers. 

This allows the shop to handle a wide range of parts, basically the whole range of spare parts for pumps CNS, various spare parts for metallurgy, coke, agricultural industries and other customers.

Department for production of ferrous Metals

Foundry produces iron and steel castings up to the fourth group of complexity. Equipped with induction furnaces from 0.1 tons to 1.2 tons, molding machines, including the model 233, the various equipment for cleaning castings. In early 2006, launched a new blast chamber. Foundry KMZ is known in Ukraine for its high quality art casting.

Lighting columns, grills, benches installed in Kyiv on Independence Square. Foundry – the fastest growing division KMZ. In the workshop mastered technology of cores and molds based on furan resins. Successfully tested a method of making the rods to set-process.