Assortment of manufactured products counts more than 2000 items for needs of metallurgical, coking, mining and construction industries

Quality Control

Quality management system is ISO 9001-2000

Strategic guide KMZ – is a constant, purposeful improvement of technological processes and high quality products. The plant is designed, implemented and operates a quality management system that meets the high requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000.

Continuous improvement of product quality KMZ is achieved by using modern production technologies, regular staff appraisal and measurement equipment, quality control of incoming raw materials and finished products as well as improving the quality management system. The next step is improving the efficiency of business – monitoring of environmental safety and health of workers control of the enterprise.

Innovation activity

One of the priorities of JSC EMKZ – a new development. Together with research institutes are actively working towards the development of innovative projects, updating the nomenclature number, optimize production costs. Introduced a program ferrous castings, allowing to minimize the number of shells, impurities and gases, and thus the life of the product. On the technology developed by VNIPTMASH (Kramatorsk), KMZ produces copper lance and refrigerators, bronze bushings. KMZ successfully develops innovative technologies:

  • refining of copper and alloys; 
  • Introduction alfa-set process; 
  • development of the technology of stainless casting alloys; 
  • development of the technology of manufacturing one-piece lance. 

The introduction of the foundry innovation will produce goods that meet international standards. These are not empty words: quality of copper and copper alloys, produced in one of the best in the country. Studies are under way to develop a specific connection for construction, reduces the cost of products, as well as to create innovative production technologies of nanomaterials. In 2005, launched the joint project KMZ and the Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics MS Polyakova (Dnepropetrovsk) on innovative anchoring mining facilities. The new technology allows to increase the pace of preparation of reserves and mining lava return stroke. The project is implemented in the most effective work in Ukraine mine office "Pokrovskoe". The results of the already visible: increased productivity, reduced costs, and mine is much improved mine safety. Physical and Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys (Kiev), Ukraine has developed a unique technology for precision casting. Also conduct research on the pre-production of ferrotitanium. The results of the work will be the basis for the modernization of foundry KMZ, scheduled for 2007-2009.